INNOVATION:  Making a change, introducing something new, such as an idea, process or product.

Take your business idea from a concept to a full-fledged business faster with the Duke Energy Center for Innovation.

Founded by the Community Foundation for a Better Hartsville, the Duke Energy Center for Innovation supports new technology company formation and development in Hartsville, S.C. and the surrounding region.

Representing a unique public-private collaboration, the Center’s partners, including Clemson University, the City of Hartsville, Duke Energy, and others, work to bring innovators together with needed business development and support services so they may commercialize emerging technology products and services. The Center provides office space to entrepreneurs and links them to a variety of hands-on support in developing and evaluating tech-focused products, protecting intellectual property, locating financing opportunities and cultivating business relationships.

With a full assortment of entrepreneurial assistance available, the Duke Energy Center for Innovation can help turn your business plan from a dream into a commercial success.